vendredi 25 février 2011

Bon Iver is not the only one ...

Let me admit that Bon Iver's quite awesome. He's quite someone!
I love him. I adore him !
He's not the only one to have such a great voice.
Let me introduce you to those men that are singing with their soul, 
their feelings and that are sooo powerful & meaningfull to me!!!

Titre // Artiste

Love is all // The tallest Man on Earth
Truth // Alexander
Stranded // The Walkmen
Excuses // The Morning Benders
Yer Spring // Hey Rosetta !
Ladder Song // Bright Eyes
Foreground // Grizzly Bear
Blood // The Middle East
Brittle Bones // Richard Walters
Two Boys // Sin Fang
Set The Sails // Dan Mangan
If I had a Boat // James Vincent McMorrow

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